Spring Carpet Repairs You Can Do Yourself (And What You Should Leave to the Experts)

Spring is in the air. It’s time to harness that energy and do a little spring cleaning and work around the home. Extra bank holiday weekends and the prospect of sunnier days draw even the most reluctant DIYers out of their shells across Manchester and the entire UK. If you’re looking for a spring project, […]

Artificial Answer for a Pristine Lawn

House proud is more than keeping the house clean and tidy. It means that both the house and the garden stand inspection. If you have a large garden you have a few choices. The first is to hire a gardener to keep it looking good, particularly in the summer months when everything grows so quickly, […]

How to avoid empty nest syndrome

It is an inevitable part of your kids growing up. One day they are going to leave home and strike out on their own. Although it’s a moment of immense pride for parents, it can also come with more than a hint of sadness. Empty nest syndrome affects more women than men, but whatever your […]

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Property

It’s easy to think of real estate as property whose price is defined by factors like location, size, age, and architectural value. Traditionally, home appraisers use measuring sticks such as cost value or similar property within the area, called comparables. Of course, there are also great forces such as supply and demand at work. These […]

How to Shop for Towel Racks

Every bathroom has towels, and choosing them requires attention to detail. You must find a brand and construction that matches the décor of a space, is absorbent, easy to care for and made from quality materials. Once towels have been chosen, it’s a good time to consider the racks on which they’ll hang in the […]

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing a Front Door for Your Home

When it comes to front or entry doors, the range of choices can be daunting. Gone are the days when the only choice you had was a plain wooden door – today, there are metal doors, composite doors, and a variety of styles that include French doors and full glass doors which can let in […]

From Necessity to Luxury: Home Improvement Ideas for a Better Shower Experience

How long do you spend in the shower? According to a “Shower Power” survey by Waterwise, most women (71 percent) take showers of 10 minutes or less and 26 percent of women manage on just five minutes or less shower time a day. Around 75 percent of men take 10-minute showers, while 30 percent spend […]

A guide to installing smoke alarms

If there is one device that every home in the country should have installed, it is a smoke alarm. Now readily available in many stores, both in the high street and online, at very reasonable prices, there really is no excuse not to have one. A smoke alarm could save your life. As reported on […]

Don’t Fear Replacing Your Boiler

The truth is, everything in life has a finite life of its own. Yes, even the cheese you put in the refrigerator two months ago will eventually be worth tossing out. Actually, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to toss it out right now. But everything from cars to smartphones, televisions, and even some of […]

The Benefits of an Apex Shed

With so many different sheds available in the marketplace, manufacturers can offer you what appears to be every size, shape and style so that everyone can find a shed suitable for their garden. Essentially, the shed has to serve its purpose, whatever that is, be it a secure location for your garden tools or a […]