Spring Carpet Repairs You Can Do Yourself (And What You Should Leave to the Experts)

Spring is in the air. It’s time to harness that energy and do a little spring cleaning and work around the home. Extra bank holiday weekends and the prospect of sunnier days draw even the most reluctant DIYers out of their shells across Manchester and the entire UK. If you’re looking for a spring project, […]

Underfloor Heating and Fireplaces

Introduction Underfloor heating systems, nowadays, are essentially one of two types, “wet”, warm water systems or “dry”, electrical systems. Wet systems feature a system of pipe work, buried in screed or running beneath the surface of the floor, through which warm water flows, imparting heat to the floor surface as it does so. Dry systems […]

Fashion Floorspace

Cool, urban fashions bring a whole new look to the home with floors and carpets set to be the defining mood-setter this year. The move to more minimalist interiors has also meant that floors often set the tone of a room. And it’s because of this that carpets have become an essential fashion ingredient with […]

Improve the Appearance of Your Home With Floor Paint

Floor painting is becoming bigger than ever in the world of home improvement. Considering you can paint wood floors, stone floors and concrete floors so that they are beautiful, resilient and protected it comes as no surprise to us. Many of the floor paints available will also give you a slip resistant finish that can […]

The Evolution of the Laundry Room Floor

It used to be that the laundry room would often become the place for all the stuff that did not have a specified home. It was where things that did not fit elsewhere would end up. Or things that were unsightly, or that you simply wanted out of view would gravitate. Nowadays, people are intentionally […]

A Custom Rug May Be Your Very Best Option For Several Reasons

Some houses have strange dimension and premade rugs never seem quite right in them. Still, a great many people will go with a generic store bought rug that is incorrect in size just to be done with it. But if you are not one to settle for purchases that will not work well, then there […]

Things to Know Before Putting Down Flooring in the Room of a Child

The flooring in your child’s room can be very age specific. In fact, given the opportunity and funds to do so, you would probably like to change the floors in their bedrooms throughout their time in the house. For example, hardwood floors are excellent for a nursery, and teens room. In the case of the […]

The Truth About High Gloss Compressed Fibre Board Floors

The glossy floors of ultra modern office buildings are starting to gain a serious following in home design. I can definitely see what all the fuss is about, now that I have seen it myself in the form of high gloss panels. You can opt for intriguing graphic designs underneath, and this makes the floors […]

The Best of Funky Eco-Friendly Flooring

If ever there was a funky flooring, it is Corkoleum. This product is made out of linoleum and cork, and it looks awesome. The trend towards green flooring has been a slow one coming, but it seems to be having greater success recently. The cork pattern is quite beautiful, and the linoleum is extremely durable. […]

The Best Outdoor Floors

I am crazy for the fabulous outdoor rug collections that are currently on the market. The patterns and materials just keep getting better and better by the second. Not to even mention the way it fills up, and enhances an outdoor space. Really and truly, no matter what your style, there is a wonderful outdoor […]