Designing a Kitchen Around Counters, Cupboards and Floors

Whether you’re a dab hand with the spatula or more likely to leave cooking to the other half, there’s no doubt a well designed kitchen provides even the most amateur of chefs with inspiration. Not only do they make cooking and cleaning easier, they can dramatically raise the value of your house. So how do […]

The Act of Mixing Furniture Styles Together

There is a real trend towards intermingling the old with the new when it comes to furniture. For a while it was the thing to do if you had a historic home, but wanted to integrate the things you acquired in daily life. As you can imagine, without the infusion of a contemporary rug here, […]

Funky Bar Stools

Funky bar stools are ideal for those who wish to step outside of the norm, and create an identity unique to other homes. While traditional bar stools are capable of making an impact among family and visitors alike, it is the funky ones, which give the home character and can serve as an interesting focal […]

Safeguard Your Funky Furniture With Home Insurance

As you all know I am obsessed with home furnishings, and the funkier the better. Home contents are my business, and my passion. I am one of those lucky blokes that actually enjoys his work. However, my responsibility to clients does not rest with finding them the items they want, but carries past that. Additionally, […]

Give Outdated Furniture a New Persona in a Flash

So you have furniture from an era gone by, and would prefer to have something more updated, then get painting partner. Lots of us have acquired pieces of furniture that came from our well meaning relatives, or friends. And at one point in time we were probably pretty darn excited to have a chair to […]

Nobody Has Ever Wanted New Silentnight Mattresses More

Normally on this blog I do not get too personal, I usually stick to the focus which is the home as opposed to placing the attention on me. Yet, I feel that I must make an exception this morning, not so much out of desire to do so, but because it’s almost my duty and […]

What do your dreams mean?

Dreams come out of the blue, and more often than not will confuse us completely, as we have no understanding of their relevance. It is a commonly accepted belief that the comfier the bed the more dreams you are likely to have. So what do they mean? The most common dreams are driving a vehicle […]

A Valiant Effort in the Area of Recycling Furniture

Most of us have either heard about, or seen tables made out of new or old doors, Some of us will have even taken this idea to heart and created outdoor tables out of old garden gates, and maybe refurbished frontdoors. But, it could just be that a couple of architecture students have gone past […]

The Headboard that Changes With the Seasons

Most of us think of a headboard as a permanent, non-changing piece of furniture. However, this point of view is proven false with the rise of the clever and unique slipcover headboard. It is truly inspired, for those of us who adhere to changing up our décor with the seasons. You know, those of us […]

The Thrill of Finding the Perfect Piece of Furniture Where You Least Expect It

As the creator of this blog, it should be abundantly clear that I love to shop for home furnishings. But, the part I like most of all is when I find great pieces, such as a leather sofa, in a place I was not expecting to discover any such thing. Seems like the last couple […]