Our Pick for the Funkiest Furniture of 2010

There is an artist named Michel Haillard, who is creating some imposing furniture. He has split from the traditional appearance, and materials and gone for a more exotic look than most of us are accustomed to when it comes to a chair or sofa. Well certainly we have seen animal print loungers and couches, but […]

Replicating a Restaurant Booth in Your Own Home

I always go for seating in a booth if it is available in a restaurant. Knowing this about myself, I have concluded that I would genuinely enjoy having one in my home. Once I remove the table and chairs in my kitchen I will have the space, and eager to get started. Now, of course […]

When Appliances Really Do Make a Difference

To begin with I should acknowledge that a search for a new washer or dryer does not excite me. But since I want a lot out of my appliances, I must do my due diligence. Most of my bathroom items for example tend to be sourced online, but of course when it comes to other […]

The Rebirth of a Very Intriguing Chair

Speaking of interesting furniture, I recently came upon a chair that I never knew even existed. This chair that I speak of is not only very intriguing in shape, but apparently was very utilitarian at one time. It is called a birthing chair, and its title does quite say it all. In my research, I […]

The Pros and Cons of an Articulated Bed

The arrival of the articulated bed must have gone unnoticed by me initially. However, having recently been in the market for two beds for my own home, I have become well acquainted with them to be sure. After having the new beds for two weeks now I have created a short list of pros and […]

Disgruntled Shopper Makes Own Chair

After looking at some of the most ridiculous, and foolhardy, new furniture designs, I came up with my own idea. I mean I get it that designers want to grab attention where they can, but I contend that a bed or chair should actually be useable for their appropriate roles. There should be no two […]