Artificial Answer for a Pristine Lawn

House proud is more than keeping the house clean and tidy. It means that both the house and the garden stand inspection. If you have a large garden you have a few choices. The first is to hire a gardener to keep it looking good, particularly in the summer months when everything grows so quickly, […]

The Benefits of an Apex Shed

With so many different sheds available in the marketplace, manufacturers can offer you what appears to be every size, shape and style so that everyone can find a shed suitable for their garden. Essentially, the shed has to serve its purpose, whatever that is, be it a secure location for your garden tools or a […]

How to Add Space to Your Garden with a Log Cabin

Finding the space to live in a modern property can present many difficulties when everyone requests a private bedroom, one person requires an office and another, a home gym. Often people with a hobby or those that would prefer a private gaming area get shunted into a corner of another room. One of the best […]

Add Space to Your Home with a New Log Cabin

British homes are not the smallest in the world, but we still manage to pack them full to the brim. One of the easiest ways to add space to your home is to purchase a new log cabin and place it in a great location in your garden. Your extra garden room space can be […]

Install Fence Posts With A Fence Post Spike

When your mind can only tell you that it’s a mammoth task to install new fencing around your front and rear gardens, a short trip to your local garden centre or a few clicks across a garden fencing company’s website and you will see there are many accessories available to make the task much easier […]

Finding the Best Hot Tub Deals

Hot tubs offer one of the best ways to relax muscles and relieve any built-up tension. Getting into a hot pool of water after a stressful day at work can be a great way to calm down and let go of your worries and the effects are almost immediate. For those who find themselves exhausted […]

The Best Reason to Finally Get Your Garden Furniture in Order

Start your engines, this is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, and she’s imploring us to all get out and celebrate with those around us. So, surely we do not want to disappoint Her Majesty, or miss out on a reason to have a party, much less several. This means this is the time to start […]

The Unconventional Plant Containers That Scream Funky

To bring funk to your garden you need to look at objects as if they did not have an original intended use. Or, perhaps a better way to state that is to say you should put whatever the intended use of a piece far from your thoughts in order to give it a new purpose. […]

Fun Additions for the Funky Garden

While we still love personalised garden gate signs, we want to bring your attention to the fact that you can branch out, garden joke there, with other personalised items as well. Take for example the personalised garden marker, which draws attention to a particular space and can either indicate the type of tree, a favourite […]

Make a Firepit the Focal Point of Your Autumn Garden

As summer slips away, and a chill begins to circulate through the air, a funky fire pit might be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. In fact, it could be what allows you to enjoy the great outdoors for longer than you ever have been able to before.  Other than that huge benefit, we […]