The Decorating Answer is in Your Patio Furniture Seat Cushions

The cushions that you choose for your patio furniture can be the inspiration for a lot of other colour choices you make in your garden. Much like interior designers will instruct you to select a favourite painting, rug, or even painted tile to establish the colour palette indoors, the similar is a good rule to […]

Keep the Garden Funky All Year Long

Though the garden’s flowers might be gone till Spring, there are other ways to keep colour and beauty alive in the garden all year long. One of the fastest ways is to bring in some paint the colour of your favourite roses, tulips or other beloved flowers and use it to reinvigorate some otherwise bland […]

The Garden Does Not Loose All Lustre in Winter

In winter many things in the garden can look grim and dreary. However, things like garden benches, fountains and statues can take on a whole new life when the snow falls upon them, or a freeze gives them a glistening coat. We may tend to forget that the garden has many looks, and many lives […]

The Task of Turning a Field Into a Party Venue

Though it might be difficult to visualise an outdoor event at this time of year, I am in the middle of planning one for next May. It is one of those cases where you think in retrospect, you should have been careful what you wished for, because the venue is a bare field. I wanted […]

How to Make Your Plants Happy and Lower Your Water Bill

While we might love our gardens, we do not always love the water bills we accumulate while tending to those gardens. Yes, plants need water, and some more than others. But if you are interested in tactics to cut your water bills down here is a fantastic way to do it. Purchase a couple of […]

Brilliant Idea for Storing Dirty Shoes

At our country home it is a constant battle over what to do with our dirty shoes. One person in my family wants to leave them outside, day and night, sun or rain. Another likes to drop them right after entering the front door, and I have a totally different idea and it is one […]

How to Share Your Garden With Some of the Most Beautiful and Graceful Creatures

A butterfly garden will provide your outdoor space with a seasonal parade of fluttering colour. The welcomed surprise visit of a butterfly, or many butterflies, can bring a gratuitous smile to the faces of all the onlookers. Of course, there is some leg work that must be undertaken to bring this special element to your […]

Make an Inexpensive Outdoor Dining Area

Do not let your beautiful garden go unappreciated. With a little creative design you can make an outdoor dining area even if all you have is a tiny spot to work with. Make a delightful open air entertaining space and prepare for many great times. To define the section drape some transparent fabric between four […]

The Fastest Way to Get Yourself One Truly Funky Garden

One of the most novel garden lights I have ever seen are solar powered colour changing decorative lights. Of course, right off the bat the product gets major kudos for being environmentally friendly. But, the fact that they slowly change colour from one shade of the rainbow to the next is nothing less than awesomely […]