Clearing the Way for a Quick House Sale

The property market in 2012 is seemingly very hard to predict. Some experts are saying it could have a struggle on its hands whereas others think the time to invest could be now. But one thing remains the same. If your house is on the market you have to showcase it. It’s no longer your […]

Instant Wall Art Found in a Personal Library

With technology moving forward faster than we can recognise the advancements, many things in our everyday lives are changing. With the introduction of the electronic readers, printed books are likely to become works of art within our lifetimes. This for me makes the dream of a library increasingly attractive. However, without a room that I […]

Home Insurance: The Do’s and Don’ts

One of the most important issues when it comes to choosing home insurance policy is the size of the premiums – after all no one wants to pay more than they have to. However, what people really should be looking for is the most cost effective policy overall, which means the one with the most […]

Taking a Look at Decorative Walls and Sofas From the Past

There are so many remarkable ways to create walls of interest these days, and this is to be expected considering how many resources are available especially because of the advent of the world wide web. However, I have been compiling a timeline of sorts on the progression of funky walls throughout the last century, and […]

Oh How I Love The Funky Comic Strip Wall Murals

Now this is really funky. Should you, or a family member be a fan of DC comic strips, there are wall murals depicting many of the all time biggest selling characters you can buy to grace the walls of a room in your home. This is definitely for the faint of heart, and strays from […]

Make Your Bedroom Walls a Colour You Love

Once you pick a funky paint colour for the walls in your bedroom, you can build upon that to make the space special. By using a shade you adore, like say chartreuse, you can then work in patterns in similar tones along with textures that introduce similar shades. The level to which you make the […]

The Stone Walls of the Twenty First Century

River stones, or pebbles have been used on the walls of bathrooms for a while now, but these tiles appear to be branching out to other rooms in the home. They create very ethereal backdrops, and because of the calm that they can bring into a space they are cropping up in bedrooms now. They […]

Natural Holiday Ornaments Made the Easy Way

By using spices, natural materials and dried fruits you can make appealing wall decorations for the holidays. Talk about easy peesy, start your homemade holiday decorations by evenly scoring the skin of an orange. Let the fruit naturally dehydrate, and then thread decorative ribbon through the top to hang it. And if that was not […]

Where to Find Inspiration for Wall Colours

From time to time we encounter walls painted in unexpected, yet sensational wall colours. The quest of where the inspriation to pain that colour arises. If you are interested in choosing a fun and funky shade for a wall or more in your own abode here’s a tip on where to find it. Go ahead […]

An Opinion on the Ever Popular Accent Wall

After numerous years of observing professional decorators and well-informed homeowners paint singular accent walls in their abodes, I still do not get it. Point blank, I never have thought it was attractive, and I still do not waiver in that conviction. Yes, I have heard it all. I know, I know, they all say by […]