Fashion Floorspace

Cool, urban fashions bring a whole new look to the home with floors and carpets set to be the defining mood-setter this year.

The move to more minimalist interiors has also meant that floors often set the tone of a room. And it’s because of this that carpets have become an essential fashion ingredient with the colour and texture chosen able to make or break the mood of a room.

While a beige carpet was once the obsession of many homeowners, this is now being left behind following the discovery of the power of alternative neutrals. Remember, just because a colour is neutral doesn’t mean it has to be beige. It can be any colour or shade which is not so bold as to have a dominating effect on our interiors. Deciding to choose an alternative neutral to beige can give a subtle enhancement to any room.

Soft, straw beiges for example, will add a slightly fresher look to a room while still empowering it with a strong contemporary feel.  Stony shades add a cooler touch while greys and charcoals instantly add fashion cred.  It’s also worth bearing in mind that peppery, nutty shades are the new vogue backdrop for soft creams and off whites.

Taking a look at carpet ranges when selecting a neutral shade also provides an opportunity to explore the many textures available.  Twist piles in heather shades with their contrasting flecks add a touch of warmth and interest while the chunky knitted look of textured loop piles adds a distinctive footnote to any interior; or for a more sophisticated finish choose the chic simplicity of a level straight loop pile.

For home lovers who still hanker after a splash of colour in lounges, dining rooms, halls stairs and landing areas, carpets in berry shades are the trendy new choice. Choose from the richness of purply maroons to deep sumptuous reds.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom and bedroom, the candy store provides current colour inspiration in soft ice cream shades, dreamy blues or delicious fudge colours.

And what’s not so hot? Out goes anything too bright along with anything citrus. Ditch deep bluey greens along with mossy or more yellowy greens.  The popularity of terracotta is waning too in favour of new purples and maroons.

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