Good Housekeeping Done By a Robot

I saw a great looking robot, circa 1985, on a gadget website this week, and it made me dwell upon the whole vacuuming process. The robot that they were reminiscing over was something called Tomy Dustbot, and apparently it was an earlier attempt at the Roomba. Those who left comments regarding the ancient product all conceded, while cute as a button, Tomy was not a very good housekeeper.

Now, in contrast I have heard from several individuals that the Roomba is quite efficient at picking up dust bunnies in between regular vacuuming stints. However, it does not get you off the hook for the big jobs. Plainly put, I just do not get why there is nothing on the market that will out right replace the need for me to thoroughly  vacuum weekly. I guess I just have to keep the faith that this invention is right around the corner.

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