The Best Funky Flooring Presently on the Market

I just adore it when I come across something with funky qualities that requires a second glance. This is precisely what happened when I encountered flooring made of vintage leather belts. I mean the look and feel of leather under the tootsies has got to be some thing special. Unfortunately, I was not given the opportunity to slip off my shoes and sample the goods.

As we are all well versed in the art of upcycling at this point, this is one great version to be appreciated for both artistic value and good intention. Although, come to think of it, with the going price being set at over 70 dollars per square foot, recycling may not have been the strongest motivator for the production of this product. Aw, who cares, it is simply spectacular no matter what the state of mind was initially.

I have heard of a couple designers putting the skills of their teams to work at replicating this technique. This sounds like a daunting task to me. Straight away, I think most of us can admit to ourselves, if not one another, that this might be a do it yourself project better left to somebody else.

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