The Best Outdoor Floors

I am crazy for the fabulous outdoor rug collections that are currently on the market. The patterns and materials just keep getting better and better by the second. Not to even mention the way it fills up, and enhances an outdoor space.

Really and truly, no matter what your style, there is a wonderful outdoor rug waiting for you. If you want au natural then look for a stone design, or even sisal. If colour coordination is your strong suit, check out the lattice patterns with colourful edges. And of course, if you happen to be attached to a messy brood, get a dark solid with a decorative border.

Basically, you can reinvent your entire indoor living space out of doors. Just think all that colour, and impact without any watering, mulching, or planting. One huge boost to your outer space in one foul swoop, now that is truly awesome.

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