The Evolution of the Laundry Room Floor

It used to be that the laundry room would often become the place for all the stuff that did not have a specified home. It was where things that did not fit elsewhere would end up. Or things that were unsightly, or that you simply wanted out of view would gravitate.

Nowadays, people are intentionally designing their laundry rooms for dual purposes. So, it is the actual designated spot for recycling, craftmaking, indoor gardening, shoe maintenance, and so very much more. This means the way the space looks and functions is important, sound should be limited, storage should be in abundance, and the appearance is now more important than ever.

Therefore, while flooring in the laundry room, much like a garage, used to be bottom of the barrel, it is not anymore. Not only does it need to be easy to clean and nice to look at, it should be slip-proof and safe too. Because no matter how high-end your washer might be, there is always the chance of an overflow, whether it be a technical issue, or the fault of the operator.

One other thing to think about, if you go with tile, is that a dark grout might make your life a lot easier than a light one. If you are not a fan of dark grout, then consider larger tiles, as this will require less grout.

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