Things to Know Before Putting Down Flooring in the Room of a Child

The flooring in your child’s room can be very age specific. In fact, given the opportunity and funds to do so, you would probably like to change the floors in their bedrooms throughout their time in the house. For example, hardwood floors are excellent for a nursery, and teens room. In the case of the nursery, it will lend itself to a very put together look, and will be easy to wipe things that are spilled up from. As you child grows up, thoughts of flooring might come secondary in priority after other aspects of every day life and home improvement projects. However, having discussed this issue with many people in nanny jobs we are kept on our toes when it comes to anaylsing the usability, safety and aethetic of a child's room. It always helps to seek others advice and opinions especially those who have a lot of experience with many different children and know the risks in the home environment.

Then, as a teenager, wooden floors will make their rooms feel more grown up. This is also helpful when they scoot off to Uni, as you can make the smooth transition into a guest room.

However, in between those time frames, and age brackets you will want to protect your little darling from the harsh impact of falling on a hardwood floor. Plus, you may need to protect the floor from the whirlwind that your child becomes. Repeatedly dropping, or banging things into the wood will do it no good. So, for the duration of the adolescent years a durable carpet or even interlocking foam floor tiles should be placed over the wood flooring.

Then, as they become more coordinated, and responsible the carpet, rugs or foam can be peeled away. No matter what, as they age they will begin to show more definitive personalities and will let you know that they want that reflected in the decoration of their room. So, just think of that space as one that will evolve over time, just like the kids will.

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