A Valiant Effort in the Area of Recycling Furniture

Most of us have either heard about, or seen tables made out of new or old doors, Some of us will have even taken this idea to heart and created outdoor tables out of old garden gates, and maybe refurbished frontdoors. But, it could just be that a couple of architecture students have gone past the point of return with this exercise in recycling.

Just think about it, would you expect an old refrigerator door to make a good table, much less a drafting one? And what about if the base was moulded out of old condenser coils and other pieces of scrap metal? Well, at the very least you can relax knowing that it has been done, and there is no need to try and become the first to attempt it.

So, A for effort guys, but I am thinking that the door handle that you left affixed to the door might get in the way of your plans. I must admit, I would like to see whatever it is you come up with for your next trick. Possibly something involving discarded air conditioning window units, and or a metal clothes drying rack might be a direction to look into. Oh wait, I think I might have tried that one already.

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