Designing a Kitchen Around Counters, Cupboards and Floors

Whether you’re a dab hand with the spatula or more likely to leave cooking to the other half, there’s no doubt a well designed kitchen provides even the most amateur of chefs with inspiration. Not only do they make cooking and cleaning easier, they can dramatically raise the value of your house. So how do you go about designing your dream kitchen?

One way is to focus on your worktops, cupboard and floor – the kitchen’s canvas – and design around this. Of course, your choice of kitchen sinks , lighting, white goods and much more is still important so use more information to help you design your kitchen for inspiration.

Start with worktops

Laminate counters with wood or granite effects are popular because of how inexpensive they are, but these counters definitely do look cheaper than the real thing. Wooden counters are perfect for creating a rustic or traditional kitchen, but over time they can become damaged by stains or water and are easily scratched.

Granite worktops have been considered a luxury in the past, but because of its soaring popularity their price has actually fallen due to more companies now supplying them. This natural material is versatile and can be used to create a modern, contemporary kitchen or something more classic depending on the choice of colour.

There are numerous benefits: they’re easy to clean and therefore hygienic, resistant to impact and weight making them kid-friendly, and they simply look better. Plus, installing granite counters may actually make you money in the long-term as they add value to your home.

Next pick cupboards

The type of cupboards you want will depend on the size of your kitchen and whether you have access to a larder or other type of storeroom. Smaller kitchens will want to employ space saving cupboards that make the most out of those nooks and crannies you can’t usually reach. Opt for light colours as these help open up small kitchens.

If your kitchen is big enough don’t bother with the space saving cupboards – they’ll actually just make your kitchen more cluttered and you’ll end up with out of date food and masses of utensils you never use. Instead focus on choosing a colour to complement your worktop – the larger space means you’re free to be bolder with your selection, so feel free to go for a darker shade if you want something more sultry.

A quick, simple and fairly inexpensive way to make any cupboard more impressive is by changing the handles. This can really give your kitchen a bit of extra personality and stop it from looking like it has come right out of a show home.

Finish with floors

Last but not least pick your flooring. While perhaps not as important as counters or cupboards, your flooring can transform the aesthetics of your kitchen and you should as consider how it will need regular cleaning. Laminate flooring is easy to clean and can transform the aesthetics of your kitchen – for the worse.

Tiles on the other hand come in practically limitless designs and can help you achieve an up class contemporary, traditional or transitional kitchen, while also being easy to keep clean. Once you’ve decided on these three elements you can now fill in the missing pieces to make the kitchen of your dreams.



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