Disgruntled Shopper Makes Own Chair

After looking at some of the most ridiculous, and foolhardy, new furniture designs, I came up with my own idea. I mean I get it that designers want to grab attention where they can, but I contend that a bed or chair should actually be useable for their appropriate roles. There should be no two ways about it in my mind. You should be able to lie down on a bed, it should not be so abstract that you can only observe the thing. And a chair, it should not be made of materials that make it positively prohibitive to sit on.

Therefore, since I was looking for a recycled chair, I am going to attempt to make my own. My material of choice will be used yoga mats. After I drench the mats in sanitizer, I will bend a couple of them in a ribbon pattern, and identify where to use a hole punch on the many folds. After punching the holes I will lace cord through the holes and then tie knots in each end of the cord. This should create a puffed up, functional ottoman. If all does not go well I will try to sell them to Lady Gaga as shoulder pads.

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