Funky Bar Stools

Funky bar stools are ideal for those who wish to step outside of the norm, and create an identity unique to other homes. While traditional bar stools are capable of making an impact among family and visitors alike, it is the funky ones, which give the home character and can serve as an interesting focal point, when placed in a prominent place either the living room, bedroom or dining space. Interior design has since developed to include a plethora of choices for those who simply cannot resist the appeal of an intriguingly designed bar stool.

Some of the essential features, which must be covered, include the finish of the bar stool frame. A chrome plated steel frame is sleek, glossy and helps to modernise a home. However, some funky bar stools come in brushed steel, which has understated charm. They usually encompass a supportive footrest, which adds to the comfort that the owner feels when seated, and within this, is found the gas lift mechanism. The mechanism enables the stool to be raised and lowered as required, as well as giving the owner the freedom to swivel 360-degrees, so its splendour can be seen from any angle of the room. For those who prefer them, there are fixed height stools available, which are equally sturdy and stylish.

After this, a potential consumer may look into the design of the seat. Some seats feature a wide and accommodating backrest, which aims to look after the owner, when seated. Others have armrests, which enhance the comfort, or even both for ultimate care when seated. As the seat is so central to the design of the stool, interior designers have now produced funky bar stools, which cater to a greater audience.

Funky bar stools have seats, which are covered in smooth faux leather. They can be easily cleaned for regular use around the home. Encased within is a ample supply of high-density cushioning, which adheres to the unique shape of the owner when seated. For those with a generous budget, there are stools, which come wrapped in luxurious real leather, even with wooden frames, some with small openings, which allow light to surge through, illustrating the evolution of 21st Century interior design. They also come in a vast array of colours; for bright and bold statements, consumers may go for reds, yellows and purples. Gentler, calmer colours such as cream, white and lilac are very subtle and blend in effortlessly with its surroundings, as well as complimenting existing pieces of furniture within the home.  The options are almost endless.

There is no doubting the appeal of funky stools, with their ability to astound any onlooker as well as becoming a family favourite in the home. They are an inspiring asset and may well just persuade a visitor to your home, to have one too. No matter your style, introducing a funky bar stool to your living space is such a marvellous way of unleashing the potential that your home is dying to give so go for it!

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