Give Outdated Furniture a New Persona in a Flash

So you have furniture from an era gone by, and would prefer to have something more updated, then get painting partner. Lots of us have acquired pieces of furniture that came from our well meaning relatives, or friends. And at one point in time we were probably pretty darn excited to have a chair to sit on, or a table to eat from, but time passes and the pleasure fades. Then you are left disgruntled with what was once a saving grace, and is now just lacking grace in your opinion.

To convert something like a wingback chair from something you would find in a grandparents home, give it a new persona. One quick way to give such an item a face lift is to paint the legs with a glossy enamel paint in a vibrant unexpected colour. To accentuate this, place a coordinating throw pillow on the chair. All of a sudden a stodgy old chair is a modern masterpiece that oozes personality and style. Top choice colours will of course weigh heavily upon what the fabric colour is, but be brave, it will pay off.

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