Nobody Has Ever Wanted New Silentnight Mattresses More

Normally on this blog I do not get too personal, I usually stick to the focus which is the home as opposed to placing the attention on me. Yet, I feel that I must make an exception this morning, not so much out of desire to do so, but because it’s almost my duty and most necessary. You see, at some point between going to bed last night, and waking up this morning I seem to have maimed myself. Since I skipped my workout yesterday, did not have the chance to work in the garden, nor did I fall asleep on the couch, I am certain that the injury occurred while sleeping. So, I am on a quest to get a new one of those Silentnight Mattresses.

Obviously, I would not be bringing this up if I was not in real pain. When I awoke, I instantly recognised that any movement of my body caused shooting pain in my left shoulder and neck. No matter if I tried to lay on my back, or sides, it hurt a lot. And as for sitting up or standing, well just getting to those positions required assistance from my spouse. None of the positions I could put myself in felt better than any other, and turning my head in the slightest, in any direction caused even more sharp shooting twinges.

So, here I am writing, after taking two potent Advil, and feeling better enough that I can begin to see the error of my ways, and start to blame myself for being in this predicament. Not to mention the fact that my wife has already started in on me about how I brought this on myself by never flipping the mattress and not replacing it when I knew we should have but it’s all about finding the time, right? There is really no way to deny this as the obvious source for my agony today. After all, the mattress we have showed tell tale signs of needing to be retired, and I have been propping myself with pillows each night for seven months just to get comfy.

Since there is no denying my fault, I have decided to take this opportunity to admit to it, and as penance to advise those of you reading this not to do what I have. Therefore, here it is. To my wife I apologise profusely. And to the rest of you, believe me you do not want to experience the physical pain I am, nor the wrath of your spouse. New mattresses are important for our physical well being, as is keeping our spouses content. Thus, right after I get myself another dose of Advil, I will now go and purchase two new Silentnight Oberon Mattresses. One for our room, and one for the guestroom. That way, should I forget about this and refuse to buy another mattress when I should our backup will already be in the house.

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