Our Pick for the Funkiest Furniture of 2010

There is an artist named Michel Haillard, who is creating some imposing furniture. He has split from the traditional appearance, and materials and gone for a more exotic look than most of us are accustomed to when it comes to a chair or sofa. Well certainly we have seen animal print loungers and couches, but this gentleman has taken the animal inspired and turned it into animal possessed.

For alas, the furniture is made of actual animal skin and fur, along with other bits of the original animal too. Horns seem to be his most repeated choice, but you never know with this guy. To say it is authentic would be an understatement, as there are not only crocodile, zebra and ostrich skins involved, but tusks and tails also. And that is what leads us to call his collection the funkiest furniture of 2010.

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