Replicating a Restaurant Booth in Your Own Home

I always go for seating in a booth if it is available in a restaurant. Knowing this about myself, I have concluded that I would genuinely enjoy having one in my home. Once I remove the table and chairs in my kitchen I will have the space, and eager to get started.

Now, of course it will not be completely traditional, in fact only one side will be reminiscent of booths found in eating establishments, as I want to keep things open in the kitchen area. When I say it will be untraditional, I imagine it goes without saying that I am customising it myself. I bet you guys could see that coming from a mile away.

The materials in use are going to be an upholstered headboard and a flat seating bench. The headboard will be bolted to the wall at the appropriate height over the bench. The bench too will be affixed to the wall, so it is not separated from what is supposed to be its back cushion. A rectangle table will be inserted in front of this, and a matching bench, without any back support will be on the opposite side for additional seating.

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