Safeguard Your Funky Furniture With Home Insurance

As you all know I am obsessed with home furnishings, and the funkier the better. Home contents are my business, and my passion. I am one of those lucky blokes that actually enjoys his work. However, my responsibility to clients does not rest with finding them the items they want, but carries past that. Additionally, I talk about home insurance. I tell them about how vital it is that they obtain contents insurance to cover all of their goodies. I can recommend that they get home insurance quotes from Direct Line home insurance because I personally know with that company you can get up to 50,000 pounds worth of contents insurance as standard.

In my opinion, there can be no excuses for not safeguarding such investments. Personally, if I am going to go through all of the trouble of locating a new chair, or table for my abode then I want to know my time, effort, and interests are protected. And while a client is still reeling over the excitement of furnishing their place, it is no time for them to be lax in insurance. Otherwise, it can easily fall into a category of things they just never got around to doing, and as we all know bad things can happen.

Nope, I do not stop there either. Next, I explain how when I add a new lounger, or armoire to my personal home collection I also amend my insurance contents list. It is just one more thing we should do to keep our records concise, and everything clear. Plus, it only takes a few minutes, and as I already did the more extensive job of making the original list, it makes good sense.

There are two more additional steps that I take, and advise everyone else to do too. First, I take photos of all of my big ticket items, and if I am being truly diligent some of the lesser also. This substantiates the list, and those receipts that belong to the items. Let’s face it, should you have an incident in your home where you belongings are damaged, or removed your mind will be a blur, but these materials will aid you to recall all that has been lost, and that is as it should be.

Finally, I jot down, and photograph any vin numbers, codes or even signatures that are located on my belongings. For if they are stolen, there is a chance of them being retrieved, and I want to darn well be sure I can show proof that they are mine. Let nothing stand in the way of me being reunited with my stuff. And there you have it, from one homeowner to another. I have no doubt that my belongings are worth it, and imagine yours are too.

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