The Act of Mixing Furniture Styles Together

There is a real trend towards intermingling the old with the new when it comes to furniture. For a while it was the thing to do if you had a historic home, but wanted to integrate the things you acquired in daily life. As you can imagine, without the infusion of a contemporary rug here, or a coffee table made of a material only created in the last fifty years one’s current day belongings might seem out of place.

Take for example coffee table books focused upon present day photographers and their works. To place that in a room weighted down with Victorian chairs and tables would make the book appear to be nothing other than uncomfortable. Yet, a home these days is not simply a showpiece, it is where a family studies, relaxes, plays. While in the more distance past families did all of that, many also had help by the way of servants or housekeepers to make things look as if nobody ever ate, slept or worked in the house. In this age, we are the cleaners, the fixer uppers. Nobody is going to swoop in and conceal the evidence of daily acts families participate in together and individually throughout the house.

There were also homeowners with places that were steeped in architecture from a century gone by who designed interiors in juxtaposition to the era in which the structure resonated. A classic Tudor home became the container for acrylic chairs and mirrored chest drawers. Some did in fact create fascinating set ups, but I know I for one was always slightly uncomfortable with the contrast. When I walked inside, after approaching a massive structure with turrets or gingerbread detail, I could not get over an expectation of finding antique couches and cabinets.

Now, we see that no matter what the face of the abode looks like, people are leaning toward mingling the different styles of furnishings by choice. No longer is the selection dictated by a need to make things work, instead it has become the preference of some without limitations of established architectural accents. The blend of the traditional with the modern is not where it ends, the warmth element is of great importance as well. This style fusion allows owners to insert their own personality, and that of their families into the space. It is not a simple formula of combining Rocco with Modern furnishings, as personal flair comes in to play a significant role. I expect this is what appeals most to those engaging in the approach to décor.

The additional benefit is that without the need to have everything “just so” purchasing furniture is made easier. You can avoid having to confirm each lamp, and wardrobe are from the same time period. Considering how limited many of us are when it comes to time to dedicate to decorating, this is a major relief.

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