The Headboard that Changes With the Seasons

Most of us think of a headboard as a permanent, non-changing piece of furniture. However, this point of view is proven false with the rise of the clever and unique slipcover headboard. It is truly inspired, for those of us who adhere to changing up our décor with the seasons. You know, those of us with different bedding for warm weather, and cold weather (is that not everyone or just house fanatics like me?).

So, with that said, if you are interested in purchasing a new headboard, might I strongly recommend a funky slipcover model. Just think, in spring you can slide on a magical toile print in a vibrant fuchsia, or lime. Then for summer, if you are a true home decor fanatic like me, you can slip on a full blown floral design in coral tones. Once fall enters the picture, place a dramatic paisley in hunter greens and silvers. Finally, for the piece de resistance, put a faux fur cover on that headboard. Such a wonderful invention, I just wish it had been mine to claim.

If you are fortunate enough to be involved in the making of your custom home plans then you can designate enough room for a built in solid wood headboard that could be partially embedded within the wall.

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