The Pros and Cons of an Articulated Bed

The arrival of the articulated bed must have gone unnoticed by me initially. However, having recently been in the market for two beds for my own home, I have become well acquainted with them to be sure. After having the new beds for two weeks now I have created a short list of pros and cons regarding them.

As for the pros, well the amount of additional storage space that it creates is phenomenal. Though I am not as much of a clothes horse than the average Brit, I am still pleased to announce that nearly my entire winter wardrobe fits under one of these animated beds. Plus, when making the bed, should I put forth the effort, I can get a much tighter tuck of the sheets. Thus, a better presentation of the bed can be created due to the ability to lift the entire mattress, and return it to its lying position with ease.

Now, as for the cons, I do see a few. The bottom panel of the underneath storage is flimsy to say the least. I believe it is nothing more than laminated cardboard. I do not imagine that this will withstand much movement, or weight, over any period of time. So, ultimately I will be laying my belongings directly on the floor unless I come up with a replacement piece that is more durable. But, the positive side is that it will still be concealed from view, and that is an improvement.

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