The Rebirth of a Very Intriguing Chair

Speaking of interesting furniture, I recently came upon a chair that I never knew even existed. This chair that I speak of is not only very intriguing in shape, but apparently was very utilitarian at one time. It is called a birthing chair, and its title does quite say it all. In my research, I found that this style of chair, or stool has been around for an amazing number of  years, and has been referenced in ancient Egyptian writings and the Old Testament.

In all of the versions that I saw, there was nothing about any of them that could have been thought to be comfortable. As such, it does not seem to be difficult to imagine why they went out of vogue. Which is exactly why I found it utterly shocking to have read that birthing chairs are making a bit of a comeback. However, I must concede that the modern birthing chairs do look better due to the addition of padding. The next time you are bored and looking for something intriguing to Google, make it the birthing chair. I can promise you will not be disappointed.

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