The Thrill of Finding the Perfect Piece of Furniture Where You Least Expect It

As the creator of this blog, it should be abundantly clear that I love to shop for home furnishings. But, the part I like most of all is when I find great pieces, such as a leather sofa, in a place I was not expecting to discover any such thing. Seems like the last couple of years have really brought this to a head. I consider this to be a welcomed change, and embrace this advancement, though there are many others occurring in our increasingly fast paced world that I do not.

Prior to say 2000, I would happen upon a special chair, headboard or table in an unexpected spot maybe once or twice a year. It felt like a treasure hunt, but one where the rewards were few and far between. Not to mention, back then when I would locate a prize it would be in a place that made it inconvenient to retrieve the stellar desk or bed. Though it might appear that this would just add to the feeling of accomplishment once I had the furniture in my possession that feeling is all too fleeting to be worth the additional cost, and energy required in those situations.

The big difference these days is that I am unearthing the best items in establishments that are well known to me for other purposes. Plus, with the addition of furniture to their repertoire, they have put in place all the conventional methods to deliver my selections rapidly, and easily. I do hope that you are also gaining a bit of a thrill from the journey that is furnishing a home or office. Beware, it can become addicting.

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