What do your dreams mean?

Dreams come out of the blue, and more often than not will confuse us completely, as we have no understanding of their relevance. It is a commonly accepted belief that the comfier the bed the more dreams you are likely to have. So what do they mean?

The most common dreams are driving a vehicle that you have no control over, finding one’s self to be naked in public, being granted the ability to fly, and interestingly enough, natural disaster. Although, maybe it is only interesting to me because that is not one I have had. However, the car one is reoccurring for me. Being in an out of control vehicle is to do with the course of your life. A vehicle represents the journey, so you have to ask yourself has my life (vehicle) taken an unexpected turn should you have this dream?

Almost everyone I know has had a dream, or even a nightmare, where they are naked in public. But the key to interpreting this dream is how you felt emotionally in this dream. If you were embarrassed then you may be feeling vulnerable, exposed or insecure. If you felt your were proudly showing off your wares then maybe ask if you are afraid of your secrets being revealed.

But some dreams we wish to experience over and over again, for example like flying in dreams. This is an amazing sensation as we cannot humanly do this, but although this can be a pleasant dream; in general it means a loss of inhibition.

Finally a natural disaster represents unexpected and uncontrollable change, not necessarily that you have foreseen your demise. Consider a change that has come out of the blue and if it is the source of some chaos. Now, after all of that it must be clear how important the right mattress is for you. If you were thinking about going bargain basement for yours, think again.

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