When Appliances Really Do Make a Difference

To begin with I should acknowledge that a search for a new washer or dryer does not excite me. But since I want a lot out of my appliances, I must do my due diligence. Most of my bathroom items for example tend to be sourced online, but of course when it comes to other appliances, we want the machines in our homes to be innovative, attractive and environmentally sound. That’s quite a bit when you think it over.

Growing up, my parents were very vocal about all of the attributes Bosch appliances had, and thus purchased them with pride. After conducting a lot of research they held this company above all the others. Originally, I was sure my mom just liked the  dishwasher’s super sleek exterior, and my dad was smitten with the fact that the company had been around since the 1800s. In my infinite wisdom as a thirteen year old, I think you can imagine.

However, when I began my own research regarding appliances as an adult, I typically went to the resource websites and articles written by experts. I wanted to see what, if anything valid could have been so impressive.

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