Artificial Answer for a Pristine Lawn

House proud is more than keeping the house clean and tidy. It means that both the house and the garden stand inspection. If you have a large garden you have a few choices. The first is to hire a gardener to keep it looking good, particularly in the summer months when everything grows so quickly, including weeds. You may be a keen gardener yourself and enjoy hours in the garden as relaxation from your working week. There is another alternative and that is to plan your garden to reduce the workload. Two elements of that planning may be paving and artificial grass. You won’t need a lawn mower if you opt for the latter.

grassDog proof

Creating and maintaining a pristine lawn does take time. Manmade grass is one answer and there are different alternatives available. You may have to keep it hosed down to keep it clean but it should retain its colour and condition for a long period.

You can’t damage it unless you ignore the advice that comes with the product but then you wouldn’t want to. Your dog may be less sympathetic and know no better. There is artificial grass for dogs that may decide they want to bury a bone or sniff something and want to investigate further.


Artificial surfaces have been widely used for sport and are durable enough to take far more activity than you will ever have on your lawn. It is fairly easy to install though you would be advised to use experts rather than do it yourself. If you decide that this may be an answer to keeping on top of your garden then you need to talk to a specialist. You can inspect your existing lawn and get an estimate based upon the dimensions of your lawn, or an area that you have decided to set aside for lawn. It is a product that experts can easily lay, levelling the area as a prelude to laying. You will get a guarantee for a number of years as well.

Easy maintenance

You may in fact decide to get rid of old paved areas and get artificial grass instead. You will certainly get more colour immediately and will still be able to use the area throughout the year. In terms of maintenance, you will need no more than a stiff brush. You may find that passers-by will look on in amazement to see someone with a brush rather than a lawn mower.

You should keep your BBQ off the lawned area; you can damage the lawn with a hot coal. In fact you shouldn’t put anything too heavy on the lawn because it could lead to rutting under the surface but you wouldn’t put anything heavy on a natural lawn without expecting some kind of damage. All in all manmade grass will keep your garden looking good without too much effort on your part. If you are particularly house-proud then you will be able to concentrate your efforts on the house alone.

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