Brilliant Idea for Storing Dirty Shoes

At our country home it is a constant battle over what to do with our dirty shoes. One person in my family wants to leave them outside, day and night, sun or rain. Another likes to drop them right after entering the front door, and I have a totally different idea and it is one I think is worth sharing.

You see, my husband does not mind if creepy crawlies take up residency in his boots, or if they are waterlogged. But, my kids and I are a tad more concerned about what we will find if we leave the shoes out of doors. The children of course think the best solution is to pull them off immediately after entering the house and could care less about the mess the shoes leave on the floor, and sometimes even the walls. However, I think I have the most reasonable of all ideas. I think we should simply put shower caps over the bottom of each shoe and then put them in the hall closet.

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