Fun Additions for the Funky Garden

While we still love personalised garden gate signs, we want to bring your attention to the fact that you can branch out, garden joke there, with other personalised items as well. Take for example the personalised garden marker, which draws attention to a particular space and can either indicate the type of tree, a favourite quote, or the memory of someone who has passed. In addition, this would not only be a welcomed accent in one’s own garden space but would make a fantastic wedding, housewarming, anniversary, or memorial gift.

If you are looking for a whimsical gift to give the gardener in your life for holidays then we think a “Garden of the Month” yard stake is super-duper. A bit cheeky to put up oneself, but worth the laugh that goes along with the spirit of it. But you know us, we love that stuff.

Otherwise, if you are looking for something a little more inspired, we like the “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” or if you are seeking light hearted humour “Grow dammit!” All will be appreciated so have some fun with your selection.

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