How to Add Space to Your Garden with a Log Cabin

Finding the space to live in a modern property can present many difficulties when everyone requests a private bedroom, one person requires an office and another, a home gym. Often people with a hobby or those that would prefer a private gaming area get shunted into a corner of another room. One of the best ways to add space to your garden is to find log cabins that would suit the style and design for your garden, yet provide you with garden buildings that add all the space you need for your garden.

Adding log cabins save you from moving home

While house prices remain quite unpredictable and with the housing market hardly moving at all, the easiest solution to finding more room in your garden is to find log cabins that match your specific requirements.

The addition of this style of garden buildings is quite easy to locate, purchase and install. If you buy a log cabin that falls within your local planning restriction rules, you can install a new model quite quickly, without having to wait for the local authority to grant your wish and give you permission.

Log cabins are relatively easy to install for moderate DIY people. The process will be far simpler if a least two people are involved, which is a necessity really when you consider the nature of health and safety. This saves money from employing tradesman which can be better spent on the log cabin itself, perhaps giving you a better model than you expected to order in the first place.

Garden buildings sit on a firm base

The early part of the process you need to complete before delivery of your log cabin is to provide an extremely firm and level base, which the log cabin will sit on.

This is to ensure that the log cabin will be able to sit in a steady position with a strong structure. They are usually made of tongue and groove joints, which is an extremely strong and hard wearing method of joinery. These garden buildings are perfect for keeping poor weather conditions to the outside of your new log cabin. Because the wood is joined together so well, the buildings are extremely well insulated, even in the colder months.

You can find log cabins in a variety of styles and sizes so they can suit every garden. There are even models that will sit in the corner of your garden and still look as endearing as the larger models, but make excellent use of tight space if you have a small garden.

There are some touches that you can add to your log cabins that will make sure that they add sufficient space to your garden and make them extremely usable. Double glazing is an option that many people ask for, to further insulate the building and solar panels can provide electric power.

These types of garden buildings are extremely spacious inside, and you should perhaps try to order the largest model that you can, as long as it’s within your budget, to give you the opportunity later, to use your log cabin in many different ways that you may not already have thought of.

The price you had paid for the log cabin will almost certainly be repaid many times over by the good use you put it to and by adding to the overall value of your home when you sell up and move on.

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