How to Share Your Garden With Some of the Most Beautiful and Graceful Creatures

A butterfly garden will provide your outdoor space with a seasonal parade of fluttering colour. The welcomed surprise visit of a butterfly, or many butterflies, can bring a gratuitous smile to the faces of all the onlookers. Of course, there is some leg work that must be undertaken to bring this special element to your garden.

The very first matter to be handled is to find out which variety of butterflies are native to your region. By gaining such info, you will be able to select the proper flowers and plants to tempt these flying beauties to venture into your area. There are several sources that can provide you with this information. I recommend referring to the Butterfly Conservation website. It has charts that will assist you in planting the optimum items at the best time.

Then you will need to pick the area for your butterflies in your beautiful garden. Make note that these creatures like sun, shade and shelter. With all three of these easily accessible you will have a stronger chance of keeping the butterflies around for longer stints. After you have everything set up, sit back and await the opportunity to share space with some of the most beautiful and graceful beings on the planet.

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