Install Fence Posts With A Fence Post Spike

When your mind can only tell you that it’s a mammoth task to install new fencing around your front and rear gardens, a short trip to your local garden centre or a few clicks across a garden fencing company’s website and you will see there are many accessories available to make the task much easier for you.

Many people worry about getting the fence posts into exactly the right position so that the fence panels will fit perfectly. Of course, if the fence posts are placed in the wrong locations, adding complete fence panels won’t be easy, but if you are adding feather edge fencing to your garden, it won’t really matter if the fence posts are out by a few inches because you can just buy shorter or longer wooden supports between the fence posts.

How to install your fencing easily

Whether you are going to use concrete or wooden fence posts, is a personal choice. There are advantages and disadvantages to each but, it’s the way they are fixed to your ground the matters more than anything because they form the base foundation of any fence panels that you add to your garden. If the original support for your fencing isn’t strong enough, you may have to repeat some of the tasks to make sure it can stand up to the wind and the driving rain of the British weather.

Using a fence post spike is one of the easiest ways to prepare your garden for wooden fence posts. You can install a fence post spike in minutes and many can provide you with easy alignment of your fence posts. They are painted with a powder coated finish so that they are long-lasting and can give you long-term protection against rusting and deterioration.

Instead of the old-fashioned method of digging a substantial hole, which might be through stones and previous concrete, into which you’ll be pouring concrete around your fence post and all the time trying to ensure that the fence post is perfectly in alignment with placement to receive fence panels, you will simply drive the fence post spike into the ground so it’s ready to take your wooden post and tighten the whole unit.

Strength is required

To add fence posts spikes to your garden, you will need a considerable amount of strength to drive the spikes into the ground. Some of them go between 2 and 3 foot into the ground. You might need to hire help or see which strong friends you have that can help you with this part of the operation.

To save damaging the top of your new fence post spikes, it is recommended that you use a piece of wood that is slightly larger than the top of fence post spike, but strong enough to take blows from a sledgehammer, to help put it in place. You’re going to need to check the spike after every three or four blows to make sure that it is still level across the top and vertically straight. At this stage it is easy to rectify a misalignment of the spike by tapping it on the side and as the fence posts spike enters the ground deeply, it will hold its position more easily allowing you to add wooden fence posts soon after and install your fencing easily, to complete the job.

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