Make a Firepit the Focal Point of Your Autumn Garden

As summer slips away, and a chill begins to circulate through the air, a funky fire pit might be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. In fact, it could be what allows you to enjoy the great outdoors for longer than you ever have been able to before.  Other than that huge benefit, we love the fire pit for another reason, it is a fantastic compromise for those unwilling, or unable to commit to a full fledged outdoor fireplace.

Fire pits are gaining in popularity, and as such more and more of those great inspiration photos are cropping up with them included. You know the ones that show the envious culmination of a professional designers work, and make you want to take out a small loan if you have to in order to have a similar space of your own.

But, you need not do that, just take note of how those designers created a cosy, inviting area. What you are bound to identify is that the fire will become a stunning feature all on its own, so place your seating in an arrangement that allows for all those in attendance to bask in its glow, oh and of course warmth.

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