The Benefits of an Apex Shed

With so many different sheds available in the marketplace, manufacturers can offer you what appears to be every size, shape and style so that everyone can find a shed suitable for their garden. Essentially, the shed has to serve its purpose, whatever that is, be it a secure location for your garden tools or a place to keep all of your half-used cans of paint. Educating yourself about the different kinds of shed is important, because if you purchase the wrong shed, you might have to live with it for a number of years which is why knowing whether an apex shed or a pent roof is best for you is just one of the questions you need to find the answers to.

What is the difference between apex and pent sheds?

You are more likely to recognise apex sheds because they are more traditional in having a pointed roof shape. Pent sheds, are just as popular though and you can recognise them because they have a flat roof with a relatively small slope which makes the rainwater drain away of one side of your wooden shed.

While you might think this is a very small difference and the shed is basically just a shed, the outcome to your choice can make a vast difference to the look of your garden as well as the way that you are able to use your shed.

Controlling the rain

A wooden shed doesn’t like water, but it is always going to rain in Britain so it is best to make sure that your garden shed is well protected and doesn’t let’s rain inside causing damage to the goods you are trying to store. Equally important, is your shed’s ability for the wood to not take in water itself, because wood against damp eventually rots and then your garden shed will collapse.

Thinking about the location of your shed

When you are considering the final location for your shed, this might make the decision for you about choosing an apex or a pent roof shed.

One of the main reasons for choosing an apex shed, is the ability for most people and even tall people to stand in the middle of the shed and be able to reach all around it to select the items you want to use in the garden. This extra height makes the shed extremely usable, whereas in a pent shed you may not be able to stand on one side of the shed without bending. This might be okay when you’re 25, but not such an excellent factor when you’re 75.

Although there are as many pent sheds in gardens as there are apex sheds, it is the apex variety that is seen as the more traditional choice and therefore expected in a garden. They blend in and match very well with most house and garden styles.

Apex sheds do give you the opportunity to house tall and awkwardly shaped items as the roof shape allows you to store items that are larger than your door space. The apex shaped allows you to move the items in and out much easier than a pent roof wooden shed, which means you have easy access to whatever it is you’re trying to hide.

Because there is more space in the higher area of an apex shed it will give you the feeling that the room is lighter and that there is more space to work in and store goods.

You will need to give great thought to the purchase of your garden shed and if an apex shed meets all of your requirements, particularly looking good in your garden, you know which shed style you will be looking for.

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