The Decorating Answer is in Your Patio Furniture Seat Cushions

The cushions that you choose for your patio furniture can be the inspiration for a lot of other colour choices you make in your garden. Much like interior designers will instruct you to select a favourite painting, rug, or even painted tile to establish the colour palette indoors, the similar is a good rule to follow outside too. The shades found in a bright wide stripe of a Steamer cushion, or the more sedate tones of a rose patterned bench cushion can help you to pursue a consistent combination of delightful colour.

Once you have the precise hues of blue, red, yellow, purple, and/or green then you will gravitate toward the perfect lavender plants, decadent tulips, or abundant bougainvillea to flourish in its growth from soil to sky. Whether it be only for the area which exists near the furniture or all around the space that is your garden, everyone will appreciate the coordination.

Beyond what it is that you grow in the area around your domain, the patterns from your cushions can appropriately impact the tableware, outdoor curtains, and remaining décor that exists in your alfresco zone. So, from that one decision to rely upon the fabric which you naturally gravitated towards for your seat and back cushions you have put the kibosh on any distracting choices, or ill suited ones. All will be in harmony simply because you followed this universal indoor and outdoor décor rule.

If you have not followed this instruction in your bedrooms, bathrooms, or kitchen that is just fine. As they say, live and learn. But, when you next redecorate, I dare you not to want to inject this into the model you follow for setting the indoor scene. You will see how well it works, and find that it becomes a mantra of sorts for decorating in general.

But for the moment, apply your efforts to the exterior of the house. Now, after you have things all well formulated near the seating area you can work outward to the more remote sections of your outdoor living room. Take the common theme of those colours and bring them across to the sweet little awning that you have attached to the greenhouses for shade grown goodies. Paint the gate that leads into this area the chartreuse from the paisley you have running throughout, or the lilac in the gingham you adore. Then sit back, relax, and admire your work.

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