The Fastest Way to Get Yourself One Truly Funky Garden

One of the most novel garden lights I have ever seen are solar powered colour changing decorative lights. Of course, right off the bat the product gets major kudos for being environmentally friendly. But, the fact that they slowly change colour from one shade of the rainbow to the next is nothing less than awesomely hypnotic.

Another absolutely key feature is that the lights take seconds to install, with no wiring involved. Then, once dusk strikes, the lights pop on and illuminate for the next 8 hours. During daylight hours the lights are also appealing, as they are constructed of marbled glass, and aluminium for the top and stand.

I betch you nobody in your neighbourhood will have anything like this, so be the first and wow them. In a way I guess this is the socially acceptable equivalent of leaving up your holiday lights all year long. Now, that is definitely something to celebrate.

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