The Garden Does Not Loose All Lustre in Winter

In winter many things in the garden can look grim and dreary. However, things like garden benches, fountains and statues can take on a whole new life when the snow falls upon them, or a freeze gives them a glistening coat. We may tend to forget that the garden has many looks, and many lives if you will, all lead by the seasons hand. But this year, take time to look out your windows, and step into the garden and you may find a magical world you have been missing out on.

Some people buy articles to place in their gardens that will create nice shapes in the winter. This adds to the character and charm of the space even on the dark dismal days. I will be taking note of how my garden looks at different times through these frozen days, and plan to take photos to remind me when the frost has melted away, and the sun has come out to play of what once was in order to build upon that for next year.

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