The Unconventional Plant Containers That Scream Funky

To bring funk to your garden you need to look at objects as if they did not have an original intended use. Or, perhaps a better way to state that is to say you should put whatever the intended use of a piece far from your thoughts in order to give it a new purpose. Take for example containers, to simply race out and buy actual plant containers will not render you a funky garden, it might be nicely balanced, and well matched, but lacking funk indeed.

So what would make for funky housing and holders of outdoor plants? Why bike baskets, bird baths, claw footed bathtubs, and confectioners cooking cauldrons are a great start. You can find great groovy items such as these at village markets, reclamation yards and anyplace else people are hoping you will see treasure in what has become basically trash to them.

To keep the garden from looking like a collection of broken down, unloved articles create a paint palette. The objects will be refreshed by a coat of butter cream yellow, flamboyant fuchsia, or a pairing of dynamic paint colors. Take it to the limit, and enjoy your artistic creations for years to come.

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