An Opinion on the Ever Popular Accent Wall

After numerous years of observing professional decorators and well-informed homeowners paint singular accent walls in their abodes, I still do not get it. Point blank, I never have thought it was attractive, and I still do not waiver in that conviction.

Yes, I have heard it all. I know, I know, they all say by painting one wall a different colour than the others you create an accent. But, all I see is something out of place, something different than all the others. I am not a fan of incongruity, and definitively never intentionally set out to establish it within a design. To be perfectly frank, I often think people paint one wall the colour they really want, but are to shy to go for it all over. To me, that is a sad way of going about it. It is only paint, so if you want red walls, then red wall paint it is for all of the walls in your room. If you paint them and hate them, then you have been brave but can retract it by painting over it.

I like walls to match each other, plain and simple. I tried to see the benefit, or beauty in mixing things up, and just do not. So, I may be the only one to say it to you, but I would not use wall paint in this manner.

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