Blinds: Keeping it simple

Minimalist design is changing the way we think about interiors. Functionality is still key but as of now, less is more. And when it comes to letting the light into your room, the rules are no different.

Curtains are dead. Keeping your room stylish and clean-cut means people are turning to blinds as a contemporary alternative to traditional window coverings. With such a wide range of blinds available, it’s not hard to see why.

Venetian blinds

The classic look of venetian blinds never falters. Their simplicity is in their design, and whether wooden or aluminium, their contemporary appearance can match any decor. Open or closed, wooden venetian blinds add that natural touch into any room, particularly kitchens or bathrooms and Hillarys Blinds have perfectly matched that classic design with a modern, simplistic twist.

Roller blinds

A common misconception of roller blinds is that their one function is to shut out the light. But with various patterns, shades and colours available, roller blinds can actually be the starting point for the design of any room. Letting light in can be just as important as keeping it out so keeping it simple and stylish, roller blinds can be the focal point of a room, matching furniture and wall colours alike.

Roman blinds

Simplicity is at a premium with roman blinds. Available is a variety of bold patterns and vintage designs, roman blinds combine functionality and style perfectly. They can match the style of any room, whether it’s a bedroom, dining room or kitchen full or charm. Maximising the natural light can make or break a room, and roman blinds can meet all the requirements.

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