Clearing the Way for a Quick House Sale

The property market in 2012 is seemingly very hard to predict. Some experts are saying it could have a struggle on its hands whereas others think the time to invest could be now. But one thing remains the same. If your house is on the market you have to showcase it. It’s no longer your comfy dwelling where you can kick off your shoes and leave the pots and pans in the sink for days.

With a number of homes for sale all around the UK offering the potential for a new move and a new start, you better get your house in order if you want a quick move.


Buyers want a blank canvas and they also want to see the true potential of a property. When you show people round if you’re hearing the words “It’s a bit small isn’t it?” butit probably isn’t, you’re just not maximising the space. If the spare bedroom has become a glorified wardrobe and spaces are crammed full of clutter you’ve become blind to, you need to get wise to it. As soon as it goes on the market think of it as a show home. You may not be too comfortable for a while, but it’s sure to sell quicker.


It may not be the easiest thing for you to do, but removing all your personalised trinkets from the home will stand you in good stead for a quick sale. Think of it as a blank slate – let the buyer’s imagination play. A clear wall shows a promising space they can make their own. A tired family photograph could just put them off. Remember you’re not making it nicer for you to live in – you don’t want to live there anymore!

Where to start

There’s no hard and fast rule of how to make your home more appealing, but there are a few places where most homeowners can make a start.

If your  home is full of knick-knacks that hold  sentimental value , you want to see them and be reminded of them. But a buyer doesn’t. Don’t throw them away if you can’t stand to part with them but keep a memory box and tidy them into there.

Bills bills bills. We hate looking at them and most of the time, dump them on a book shelf with a heavy sigh. And there they stay. But put yourself in the shoes of someone viewing the home for the first time. They want to see how the shelves could be used. Store your bills away. De-clutter by chucking away tired worn paperbacks. Maybe position the stereo on the middle of the shelves – it will give the room much more balance.

Remember it’s not about you anymore; it’s about the home.

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