From Necessity to Luxury: Home Improvement Ideas for a Better Shower Experience

showerHow long do you spend in the shower? According to a “Shower Power” survey by Waterwise, most women (71 percent) take showers of 10 minutes or less and 26 percent of women manage on just five minutes or less shower time a day. Around 75 percent of men take 10-minute showers, while 30 percent spend only five minutes in the bathroom. Are you the same? Do you spend only a few minutes a day in the shower and is this through personal choice, or because your bathroom simply isn’t an inviting place to be? Your home should be your sanctuary and your bathroom a place to revive, relax and cleanse. But many people spend as little time as possible washing in order to avoid an uninspiring space (or worse, a dirty and ill-functioning room). Do yourself a favour – enjoy your shower time as much as possible with these bathroom home improvement ideas.

Invest in Shower Technology

Rapidly changing temperatures, water pressure that goes from a torrent to a dribble, and having to spend half an hour adjusting the shower knob so you get just the right amount of hot water are things of the past when you invest in a new shower system with programmable, adjustable controls. A steam shower or a hydro shower with a control panel that automatically sets the correct temperature and pressure means you’ll want to spend hours in the shower. You can get showers that have remote controls so the temperature is ideal for when you’ve walked from the bedroom into the bathroom. And there are even settings that tell you if the hot water tank is nearing empty.

Install a Rain Shower

Showers with rain heads are the ultimate devices for delivering a refreshing deluge of water that feels great on your skin. When you use a rain shower you truly are transported to a tropical rainforest or the mountains in a rain storm. Get the benefits of these experiences without having to spend thousands of pounds travelling halfway across the world. Sure, it would be nice to have an outdoor rain shower in a tropical environment but the next best thing is a rain shower in your own home.

Add a Steam Function

Install a steam shower – a shower unit that also works as a steam room. Here you can relax in the warm steam then clean up with a refreshing soak in the shower. Modern steam shower and hydro shower units are designed for different bathroom sizes and come with seats or benches for the full steam room experience. Take a look at for more inspiration.

Add Lights and Music

Nothing’s going to make you want to take long showers more than having your own music piped into the shower – many modern units now come with audio inputs for your iPod or MP3. In addition, create the right mood with adjustable lighting – choose coloured lights for a spa-like atmosphere, or a dimmer switch to change the brightness depending on whether you want to wake up or wind down.

Image attributed to Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee

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