How to avoid empty nest syndrome

It is an inevitable part of your kids growing up. One day they are going to leave home and strike out on their own. Although it’s a moment of immense pride for parents, it can also come with more than a hint of sadness.

Empty nest syndrome affects more women than men, but whatever your gender it can be difficult to come to terms with the fact that your brood are no longer dependent on you. It can even result in feelings of depression and anxiety over your children’s welfare.

If the thought of your kids leaving homes fills you with dread it is worth remembering that an empty nest can create a whole host of wonderful opportunities.

plaqueLook after yourself

If you’ve devoted the majority of your life to putting other people’s needs before your own then now is the time to take a bit of time out and start to rediscover yourself. Embrace the freedom that you now have. Participate in social activities that do not revolve around your kids, whether that’s a new hobby, evening classes in something you have always wanted to try, or simply spending more time with your partner and enjoying each other’s company.

For once you only have to worry about yourself. There’s no need to consider what time you need to get tea on the table or whether everyone is where they should be. It can feel strange at first, but after all those years of caring for other people you deserve some time for you.

Start a new business
According to The Guardian there has been a sharp increase in recent years of over 50s starting their own business and becoming entrepreneurs. Once the kids have left home there’s more time to devote to getting that fantastic business idea off the ground. Not only that, but older entrepreneurs generally have a wider network and a wealth of contacts they can call upon to put their plans into action. Starting your own business might also provide a much needed income boost as you head towards retirement.

Revamp your home

While your home may feel a lot emptier and quieter now the kids have gone, it is also the ideal time to reclaim your space and rediscover your own personal style. Taking a look around art galleries and interior design museums can be a great way to tune in to what you find really appealing now you no longer have to compromise with the other members of the family.

In order to benefit your sense of wellbeing your home needs to reflect the needs of those still living there. Take the opportunity to have some fun and rediscover your own identity. Don’t forget you’ll need an introduction to a new contents insurance as the items and decor in your home change.

Keep in touch

Finally, one of the best ways to avoid empty nest syndrome is to keep in touch with your kids. It is so much easier now we have mobile phones and the internet. Embrace the fact that they are living their lives and enjoy the freedom that you now have. You’ve done a brilliant job raising them, now watch them spread their wings and fly.

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