How to Shop for Towel Racks

Every bathroom has towels, and choosing them requires attention to detail. You must find a brand and construction that matches the décor of a space, is absorbent, easy to care for and made from quality materials. Once towels have been chosen, it’s a good time to consider the racks on which they’ll hang in the bathroom. With so many options out there, it can be hard to find the perfect towel rack. Use this handy guide to find just the right one for your bathroom.


Towel racks come in a variety of styles. Most are made from metal, whether it’s aluminum or brass, while some are constructed of heavy-duty plastic. You can find towels racks that adhere to the wall, some that sit on the counter and some that swing around for convenience.

When choosing a style, it’s important to consider the space constraints in your bathroom so you don’t wind up with a rack that dominates an entire wall or that can’t swing out due to a cramped space. For countertop towel racks, the experts at Best Home Design Gallery suggest a double-sided version that allows for hanging two towels without needing two separate racks. That way, there are plenty of hand towels available without leaving zero counter space available for other items.

towelrailChecking Out the Options

It’s always a good idea to explore your options before making a towel rack purchase. That way, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Browse online and visit several home improvement stores before making your selection. You’ll find a broad array of racks that you screw to the wall. These are perfect for hanging bath towels. Other racks, such as those that hang near the sink or sit on the counter, are ideal for hand towels. Consider buying a set so that your racks match one another, which creates a seamless look and feel in your bathroom.

Heated Towel Racks

Heated towel racks are a luxury that many people find surprisingly affordable. However, they require a bit more planning to place in a bathroom. If you choose a water heated rack, you’ll need to buy filters to keep the water clean and sanitary. If you choose an electric version, you’ll need to make sure you have a convenient place where you can plug it in while also keeping the cord hidden from view. Heated towel racks are a great place to warm Dunelm towels for a luxurious after-bath ritual that warms the skin during even the coldest winter months.

Matching the Decor

Once you have your towel racks hung, you can match towels and racks to the décor in your bathroom. For example, you can pair your wall art and soap dispenser to match. You can also coordinate the shower curtain, floor rugs and counter knick knacks with the racks. Silver is a good color choice if you prefer calming colors, such as blue and green, in your bathroom. Brass or gold racks work well with warmer colors, such as reds, oranges and pinks.

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