Instant Wall Art Found in a Personal Library

With technology moving forward faster than we can recognise the advancements, many things in our everyday lives are changing. With the introduction of the electronic readers, printed books are likely to become works of art within our lifetimes. This for me makes the dream of a library increasingly attractive. However, without a room that I can dedicate to my love of words, and verse bound between decorative covers, I will resort to a library wall.

The idea is to purchase lovely bookcases and to cover a wall from floor to ceiling with them. Thus, my wall art will be the books house in beautiful confines. And even though I do own, and use a Kindle, it took me nearly a full year to operate it regularly. This evidences my partiality to the physical book, over the modern day “upgrades”. Although I have always adored the appearance of real books, I recognise that they will transition into a thing of the past, but in that they will become even more beautiful. Thus, my collection will please me as we grow old and “classic” together.

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