Make Your Bedroom Walls a Colour You Love

Once you pick a funky paint colour for the walls in your bedroom, you can build upon that to make the space special. By using a shade you adore, like say chartreuse, you can then work in patterns in similar tones along with textures that introduce similar shades. The level to which you make the bedroom a bold statement will be left up to the other colours you introduce into the bedroom. Play it up or play it down, you decide through the selections that come next.

You might follow up by pulling out the power tools to hang chandeliers, attach curtain rods, and attach that fancy flat screen television to the wall, but the simple act of picking a wall colour you really feel strongly in favour of will set the entire tone. And you may bring in a canopy bed, mammoth armoire, and floor to ceiling mirrors, but it will still be down to that magnificent colour you painted the walls with to make it perfect. The point is having fun with colour, especially wall colour can set the stage for all that follows.

This means that although chartreuse can be quite a strong shade, when paired with neutrals, it is softened to a level that means it is no longer as dramatic. As opposed to if you bring in hot pink, or aqua as the accent colour. The fact that you have used a colour that brings a smile to you face is what it is all about. No matter how you then bolster it or moderate it.

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