Taking a Look at Decorative Walls and Sofas From the Past

There are so many remarkable ways to create walls of interest these days, and this is to be expected considering how many resources are available especially because of the advent of the world wide web. However, I have been compiling a timeline of sorts on the progression of funky walls throughout the last century, and been taken aback by the forward thinking designs of the past. What surprises me is that as I research the new and up and coming wall textures, wallpapers and hand painted displays I am surprised by some of the techniques I come across that were used in the distant past. Along with this have come some rather inspired pairings of sofas, rugs and other furnishings with these decorated walls. Fabrics with lively, or striking patterns placed in rooms with grand scale murals catch me off guard, and while I would not expect to, I like it a lot.

Mostly, as I have moved forward through this journey of mine to track the evolution of wall decorations during the last one hundred years, I have become increasingly interested in how many of the ideas of our predecessors have cropped up in modern day designs. I know as an artist myself, I like the idea of creating things that I believe to be totally unique, but that it is not altogether uncommon to find that someone has beaten me to the punch and already come up with my idea. Even when working without any specific guideline, time period, or inspiration, one can find that what they conjured up from their own actions, existed already in one form or another.

This of course leads me to question whether I have been influenced by things I have observed, but simply been unaware of it? Or is it that there are just so many different variations that can be concocted before pieces are replicated to some extent? Which brings me to wonder how much I will be affected by the curious mixtures I have now viewed of furniture with highly decorated walls throughout the years of my research. Will I yearn to put tufted brown leather sofas in a room where I would have previously not thought to, but hesitate because I feel I am copying the artistic eye of another who came before me? And does it matter if I choose to imitate, because are we all constantly replicating even when we are unaware of it?  It is a thought-provoking subject, when is design truly original and when has it been influenced? Yes, somewhat difficult to wrap one’s head around, but still stimulating conversation nonetheless.

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